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We as a trade finance expert house offer services to businesses globally through our tailor made products.

About PNK Project Management

PNK Project Management is a trade finance expert house specialized in providing hassle-free and tailor made financial solutions to your business. We have successfully managed to provide trade finance solutions to our clients which laid foundation for us to grow in this 21 st century.

No Collateral Required

Get instant financial instruments and international bank guarantees without putting your home or any other type of asset on the line to qualify for financing.

Simple Documentation

Experience the hassle-free documentation for trade financing like never before, saving you ample of time.

Your Capital need not to be blocked

We provide you comprehensive services that will guide you to grow as an organization in the agile market.

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Trade Financing Services we offer

You are just one step closer to get the finance for your trade business and grow exponentially across the globe.

Commercial Letter of Credit -
at Sight & Usance

We offer a letter of credit that allows businesses to trade internationally with confidence as it provides vital guarantees for both the parties.

Standby Letter of Credit

We believe in delivering seamless trade operations to businesses by providing SBLC to businesses worldwide.

Back to Back Letter of Credit

With our quick back to back letter of credit, we enable businesses to reduce risk and speed up the cash flow cycle efficiently.

Financial Guarantees

  • Financial Bank Guarantee
  • Proof Of Funds (POF)
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Bid Bonds (Tender Guarantee)

Why choose PNK as your trade financing partner?

Our best minds in finance offer suppliers and buyers what they urgently need- fast, flexible, and reliable financial solutions to improve liquidity for business.

100% Flexibility

We provide trade businesses with 100% flexibility that allow you to enjoy a certain period of time to source fund before settling the balance.

Facilitates business growth

With our reliable, quality, and scalable trade financing solutions, trade businesses can enjoy seamless financial operations.

Improves trade efficiency

Our team offers effective and quick solutions that enhance trade operations and complete the supply chain.

Mitigate supplier risk

We alleviate the unnecessary trade risk that may occur due to a variety of reasons by developing robust strategies.

Boosts revenue

We make sure trade businesses stay focused on revenue growth rather than stressing over financial issues.

Diversify your supplier network

We allow businesses to develop innovative products for the market by maintaining their trade operations efficiently.

Reduces bankruptcy risk

By using an appropriate financial instrument, our team of experts ensures a smooth financial flow within your trade business.

Guaranteed security

Our team provides guaranteed security to trade businesses along with hassle-free services.

Process for applying for trade finance

Here are some quick steps that will help you access our wide range of trade finance solutions quickly.




Evaluating the


Negotiating terms
with lenders


The Approval Process
and Documentation of the Finance Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for trade financing

PNK has strong tie-ups with financing sources across the globe. Through our association with financing sources and experience we provide swift and cost effective solutions.

It depends on the type of instrument utilized, as well as the response time of the applicant. Most deals take approximately 2-7 days.

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